Main rule - Be respectful of others. It’s your “second home”, so it’s of utmost importance for you and other members that you may easily focus on your work and get things done without any distractions. Keep the noises down, keep all areas clean and tidy after using, be friendly with other members - this is the key to a good environment and productive work.

Be responsible for your office, the Premises and your visitors, so other members do the same and you may rely on each other.

We are always here to help if needed.

Keep the noises down
  • Please keep the volume of your conversations down, whether you are speaking in person or on the phone. There are other people working around you.
  • Don’t slam doors.
  • Keep your office door shut.
  • Keep the ringer volume on your cell phone at a moderate level.
  • If you have visitors, please ensure they are complying with our Code of Conduct

Keep it clean
  • Never leave your dirty dishes in the sink or in your office. Always wash your dishes, cups, and cutlery after you eat.
  • If you spill something (coffee, tea, food, etc.), please clean it up immediately, so no stains are left for good. Cleaning supplies are always available at the Premises.
  • Throw out any of your leftovers, food or beverages that are already expired or which you won’t be eating, especially if there is not much space left in the refrigerator for other members.
  • Flush the toilet once you’ve finished and ensure the toilet is clean after your use
  • If you are using the sink in the kitchen or toilet, please ensure that the sink is clean after your use without any leftovers left in the sink.
  • General cleaning will be completed once per week at a certain time, so if you want your office to be cleaned, please ensure that it’s open during the time. If you need to clean your office any time in between there are always cleaning supplies available at the Premises. There are no communal trash bins, except for the toilet ones. Each member is responsible for own trash removal to the allocated external bins according to the waste sorting and segregation.

Keep it comfortable
  • Any foods or items with an intense smell are not allowed inside the Premises. Any food leftovers should be thrown away immediately, so they don’t diffuse smell around the kitchen and offices.
  • Keep the communal air-conditioner temperature at 23 degrees, don’t readjust it to suit only your needs disregarding others.
  • Don’t open the windows in the shared areas if it is cold or hot outside.

Opening and closing
When you are leaving always check if you are the last one to leave and if this is the case, it is your responsibility to ensure:
  • Air-conditioner is switched off
  • Lights in all shared areas, including the toilets, kitchen, hallways and your office are turned off
  • You switch on security alarm (if there is one)
  • You lock the entrance door to the Premises and your office

Common sense
  • If the printer runs out of paper after your printing, please fill it in.
  • Don’t eat someone else’s food or drink their beverages that are found in the refrigerator.
  • Don’t take someone else’s personal coffee cup or anything else that doesn’t belong to you, or is there for communal use. The operative being communal.
  • All equipment, furniture, consumables (printing paper, toilet paper, dishwashing liquids, tea, coffee, etc.) are a property of Prive Offices and are only for internal shared use and are not to be taken outside the Premises. Fair use limits applied.
  • If the printer, microwave or teapot aren’t working, check to see if it’s plugged in.
  • Remove your food from the microwave when it’s finished heating.
  • Don’t toss other people’s food from the refrigerator to make room for your food. Rearrange the items so everything fits.
  • Make note of any signs posted ( ‘Recycle,’ ‘The Refrigerator Will Be Cleaned Out on Friday, please remove your food”, etc.)

Fixtures, equipment and maintenance
  • Don’t obstruct or permit the obstruction of the common areas and entrances
  • Don’t install any window blinds, shades, screens, signs, decor without the prior written consent of Prive Offices
  • Ensure that no walls, ceilings, floors, doors, furniture is drilled, cut, marked or damaged in any other way
  • If you lost the keys to your office it’s your responsibility to arrange the locksmith, pay for such services and provide us with a set of 3 new keys to your office. Don’t alter the keys without the consent of Prive Offices.
  • If you lost the key to the main entrance door, this poses a major risk of safety of the Premises, and members equipment and other belongings, so it’s your responsibility to immediately notify us and arrange the locksmith to change the locks, pay for such services and provide us with a set of 9 new keys to the entrance door. Don’t alter the keys without the consent of Prive Offices.
  • You are not permitted to use portable heaters or other electrical appliances in your office or shared area.
  • If you or your visitors caused damage to the Premises including any equipment, pipes, windows, doors, etc, you should inform us immediately.
  • The name of your company will be shown on the directory near the entrance. You shouldn’t put any signs on the doors or anywhere visible from outside the building without a prior written consent of Prive Offices. Each office comes with an allocated space for your business name.

No smoking, vaping, burning allowed
  • You and your visitors should not smoke, vape or burn anything (sticks, etc.) inside the Premises and near the building where the Premises is located, except if there is a designated smoking area in the building. Thus no building occupiers should have any complaints

  • No animals are allowed at the Premises, including your office without the written consent of Prive Offices.

  • Children are allowed only if they stay in your office and don’t distract other members with running and jumping around, playing games with sounds that could be heard outside your office, loud speaking, crying, etc.

  • You may use the address for receiving mail and packages. If you decide to do so, you will be the one to receive it at the Premises from couriers.

  • If you, your occupants or visitors are determined to be at fault for the improper setting off of an alarm at the Premises that results in a call-out, you will be liable for all associated costs.
  • The number of your office occupants should not exceed the number specified in your Membership package.
  • If any of your occupants will no longer be using your office, you must immediately notify us at and return any access keys and or swipe cards that they used.
  • You, your employees, colleagues and your visitors are not permitted to use the Premises as overnight accommodation.
  • Your office and the Premises should not be used for late night parties, romantic evenings and anything beyond reasonable office work.
  • You are fully responsible for your occupants and all visitors.
  • Never share your access key or a swipe card with anyone or allow “tailgating”.

Accidents and problems
If there is any accident or something is not working properly or any maintenance is needed, please let us know immediately and always specify details of the problem, so we know what needs to be done to fix it as soon as possible. Email
Please look at the list of most common issues (Internet, printing, supplies, etc.) and follow simple instructions that will allow you to fix the problem within a few minutes. If after completing these steps the problem persists or it’s not on the list, let us know with a detailed explanation of the problem

Code of Conduct last updated 30 March 2024

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